A selection of music reviews

"Tim Rayborn's playing is quite extraordinary,
with all the technique of a virtuoso."

Sacramento News and Review

"Tim Rayborn is an amazing singer."
Cardiff Early Music Series

"[...] a world-class talent in the field of ancient music."

"Rihla is a penetrating, unforgettable journey through the folkloric music and dance of Iberia, Arabia, and Turkey, encompassing thousands of miles and hundreds of years of musical tradition, development and cultural fusion [...] Mesmerizing."
CD Baby Front Page review for Rihla

"Tim Rayborn gives us a transcendental look into the heart,
culture and beauty of the Middle East."
CD Baby Front Page review for Qadim

"This evocative recording by Tim Rayborn succeeds beautifully [...]
Rayborn coaxes the plucked instruments with great agility and virtuosity."
Early Music America review of Chordae

"Medieval specialist Tim Rayborn has created a mesmerizing journey through Europe's musical
life in the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries. His compelling musicianship, careful scholarship,
and Wildboar's extraordinary sound quality make this CD an instant favorite."
Musical Offering review of Chordae

"Rayborn and Kammen go to great lengths to make these invectives come alive,
and [] their spirited, sometimes outrageous delivery works well."
Early Music America review of The Cloister and the Sparrow Hawk

"If you relish an early music release of some originality and piquancy, this is it!"
Gramophone review of The Cloister and the Sparrow Hawk

"Troubadour song on acid."
Midlands Early Music Forum review of The Cloister and the Sparrow Hawk

"Once again ASV have succeeded in bringing us some fascinating little-known repertoire, splendidly performed by a young trio who have clearly specialized in this lovely music
[...] I found myself transported to exotically spiced lands of the imagination."
Early Music Forum Scotland review of Far Away Lands

"At times the sweetness of the melodies is intoxicating [...]
this CD contributes to the ensemble's breaking of striking new ground."
Goldberg review of Far Away Lands

"A splendid ASV disc."
Classic CD review of Far Away Lands

"Lively and convincing performances of an excellent sample
of medieval Spanish music. (*****)"
Classic CD review of Magnificentia Iberica

"The recording has an appealing immediacy about it."
Continuo review of Magnificentia Iberica