Tim has written several books over the last few years, finally pouring out that knowledge that's been
swimming around in his head for too long, as well as learning new things to share with interested readers. Without giving too much away, it's safe to say that more works will be forthcoming...

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Reviews for Shakespeare's Ear:

"This page-turningly entertaining book combines the rugged experience of a seasoned academic researcher with the wit and lightness of touch of a literary raconteur. Great stuff from start to finish." ~ William Lyons, director of The Dufay Collective, composer, and historical adviser for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

"With a gimlet eye, a mordant wit, and a genius for unearthing the most sensational details of plays and playwrights, Rayborn’s historical, hysterical recounting of life upon the wicked stage from the dawn of time to the brink of tomorrow will be a pure (and sometimes prurient) delight for schoolboys and scholars alike."
~ Christopher Byrne, Author, Theater Critic, Gay City News

Reviews for Beethoven's Skull:

"This impeccably researched yet eminently approachable book is sure to keep readers engrossed
(pun intended) to the very end." ~ Library Journal

"An enjoyable source of well-researched material and quirky anecdotes." ~ Publishers Weekly

 Jessica Jones

 Shakespeare's Ear


 A New English Music

 Against the Friars

 The Violent Pilgrimage